Why choose UPVC Double Glazing

At first, you may be put off by stories from folks who bought UPVC double glazing a long time ago. They would have experienced a lot of issues.

upvc double glazingIssues like frame warping, discolouration and clunky designs – these alone would make anybody think twice.

Well, modern UPVC double glazing is nothing like that any more.

UPVC Double Glazing – how it works

You can expect the window frames to be good for 15 years or more. Modern frames even come indifferent colours and also have a surface which looks like natural wood grain.

Warping has been dealt with by using galvanised steel reinforcing inside the window frames. This ensures the frames don’t change shape over time and continue to fit as well as the first day they were fitted.

More features:

  • double & triple glazed units
  • solar efficient glass
  • multi-point locks
  • leaded or coloured glazing
  • patterned or obscured glazing
  • self draining
  • self ventilating

There are so many good things about modern uPVC double glazing to enjoy, and that’s without even comparing prices – which are very low compared to timber or aluminium.

UPVC Double Glazing Benefits